Russia Chamber of Commerce and Industry was extended meeting on «Problems and prospects of development of gas-cylinder vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation»

November 29, 2010, an enlarged meeting of the Committee of the RF CCI on Energy Strategy and Energy Development “Problems and prospects of development of gas-cylinder vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation.”

Despite the obvious benefits, the amount of motor fuel in Russia at present is quite low. One of the reasons forcing vehicle owners to stop using gas fuel – is the high price of gas equipment installation and the lack of tax incentives in relation to the gas-cylinder vehicles. In addition to that, in some regions of the Russian Federation significant causes for failure of the transition to natural gas are and administrative barriers.

Main purpose of the meeting – the development of specific proposals to promote the development of the park gas-cylinder vehicles in Russia.

During the meeting, presentations were made of OAO “Gazprom”, JSC “SIBUR Gazservis”, OJSC “KAMAZ”, JSC “Interaviagaz”, OOO «Hyundai ComTrans Rus” projects “City Car” CJSC “YAROVIT Motors” and “Gas-cylinder car” Gazelle “”, and the National Natural Gas Vehicle Association of the Republic of South Korea.

Of OAO “Gazprom GES” the meeting was attended and made ​​presentations Head of sector programs AA Kim and Head of Internal Audit LY Ivanov.
raised basic questions during the event:

  • adoption of the draft federal law № 130858-4 “On the use of alternative motor fuels”;
  • adoption of regulations governing the importation bitoplivnyh cars in Russia;
  • Search financial and investment decisions and the development of a regulatory framework for expanding production gas-cylinder vehicles;
  • administrative barriers to increase the gas-cylinder fleet vehicles;
  • mass production gas-cylinder vehicles and the development of gas fueling network in Russia;
  • creating tax incentives for businesses and people to use gas-fueled vehicles.

Furthermore, it was listened to a presentation on the real experience of stimulating the development of gas-powered vehicles and the resulting environmental effect in Seoul (South Korea).

In the last meeting of the RF CCI Committee on Energy Strategy and Energy Development will be developed and submitted to the executive and legislative bodies of Russia recommendations that promote the formation and development of the market gas-cylinder vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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